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What's happening right now?

So I've been thinking about D&Dis a lot in my spare time recently: its designed rather poorly, but that is mainly because the folks who started working on it knew nothing about gaming the time. But times have changed! The standard GM as god dynamic has fallen by the wayside for weirder systems and power structures. D&Dis is a player-facing game: the player has the power and the GM should react, since the world of Deixis is about imposing your philosophy onto everything around you. This makes the game much more fluid than what the original D&Dis crew thought of when we built the game in 2007. So, I'm going to rebuild Dungeons and Discourse with that in mind, and I'll start by focusing on a few interesting rules systems created by other folks. Goal number one involves the Powered By Apocalypse Engine: if you're interested in working on the game, you have some research to do. The initial game structure is going to be based on the World of Our Desires, an Apocalypse World hack. I want to make six playbooks based on the simplified rules set in that 30 page PDF. Apologist, Existentialist, Postitivist, Utilitarian, two others to be decided by you guys (or more, I ain't a tyrant): we build based on simple ideas, and run a deep game. The concepts expand out and rebuild until the setting is something newer and weirder than before. Thoughts? Tell me, and I'll move forward in a month or so: I'm getting married soon, so that's tying me up a bit.

Hope you folks enjoy it, hit me up.


Interest has been rather slow and coming. Halceon is largely the one looking over things but everyone has busy with to one degree or another. Talk has been made about remaking the game for one last go, in a slightly more rules light creative format but I think D&Dis is a game that is really hard to put into practice; Philosophy is a wierd and diverse thing that takes a lot of creativity. D&Dis takes that creativity and asks you to apply it in a real world sense based on silly word play and wierd logical extensions; it's hard on both players and DMs to consistantly think that far outside the box. Maybe it'll be done or maybe it'll be let slide and it'll just show up in other games that the individual contributors run.

Overall, I think that what we have here is solid. If you're looking for a wierd experimental oneshot with friends? This game might be just what you're looking for; we worked hard to make sure advanced philosophy knowledge wasn't required [few of us, if any, were getting any sort of degrees in philosophy], though a basic sense of who is who makes it easier to get some of the jokes. In a sense, this game can be a bit of a teaching tool, if you want to show off philosophy to friends who don't mind tabletop gaming but haven't picked up the Socratic Dialogues. It's also just fun as a game for eye rolling and groan inducing puns in a circle of philosophy geeks. If you're interested in doing either of those but you're having trouble getting started, please feel free to PM myself or Halceon.

Whether or not we go anywhere from here, I'd like to thank people who've been by here and people who are still coming by:

All of us, myself included, spent a lot of time making this wierd game and having a good laugh and I hope as you're browsing through the old archives, that some of the dedication and humour that we've buried in this can still shine through and maybe even see new life in a few sessions from other people,

Cheers and all the best,


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What is this about?

Dungeons and Discourse is a philosophy-themed tabletop RPG inspired from a comic created by Aaron Diaz in his series Dresden Codak. Players create a character based on real-world philosophical schools of thought, and fight it out using every dirty trick in their rhetorical repetoir.

No, give me a long dramatic introduction!

Imagine a world where ideas can not only change the course of history, the fate of nations but the very shape of the world.

This world is Deixis.

In this world, seething with intellectual minds, countless philosophers venture forth hoping to become heroes; seeking relics of bygone days, falling into the machinations of empire or bringing them down from the ground up. As mighty empires seek to vindicate their ideals and win the hearts and sometimes souls of the people, delicately maintaining the constantly shifting balance of power between ancient prophets and ambitious scientists who seek to control the fate of Deixis, the forces of madness, and hypocrisy emerge from all the dark twisted corners of Deixis and the human psyche hoping to flood Deixis beneath a wave of irrationality. You must find your place in this world, either triumphing over the forces of intellectual dishonesty or slowly descending into the madness that is Dungeons and Discourse.

Coming soon to a table-top near you.

How Do I Help Out?

Click right here to join up, and post a word or two in the introduction thread in the forum. Whether you just want to play around and argue with people and punch metaphysical concept or are an artist or writer who wants to help expand the setting head over the forum here and start a thread with whats on your mind, join in or start a debate or head over to Recruitment&Updates to join up in a campaign.

Alternatively you can suggest content to go up on the G+ page.

For those interested, there are also campaigns on at:

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