8 Paths

A Buddist monastery was founded on the intersection of 4 major roads in Ethos, creating an 8-way path, seeing the symbolism of this, the buddists established a monastery with 8 wings too it, one devoted to each aspect of the 8-fold path, consequently, since the monastery now forms the hub of the city, infact, towering over most of it (it's literally built over parts of the city), each of these major path-ways is named after one aspect of the 8-fold path. The city itself grew out of the need to supply the monastery, the monks needed somebody to beg off of after all. It grew into a major trading hub, it's proximity to the boarders has made it a permanent cease fire zone, since the economy of all three nations would quite likely crash if this place, the largest trading city on the continent, were to be destroyed.

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