Name: The one who fight the true wars, WarLord
Class: Developer
Alignment: Virtuous Good, Atomic Random, Nit-picking Evil and some times even Chaotic Delusional
Qualia: Introspective, Perfectionist, Romantic, Inattentive
Skills: Medicine 3, Physics 2, Astronomy 2, Scientific Trivia 5, Obscure Facts 3, Writing 2, English ½, Creativity 2, Procrastination 9
Write RPG stuff and don't show it to anybody cause its not perfect yet
Absorb tons of data from the net and slowly digest it trying to create something awesome
Photoshop stuff
3d sketching
Disorganize shit
Disappear for months and reappear out of nowhere

Hey there, I'm one of the contributors of the DnDis project. I'm around since the beta version, and used to contribute with ideas and editing work. I'm willing to spare what little time i may have left to put forth this project. Why? Because the premise of DnDis is awesome, and the perspective of a fully fledged game worth it. Also, I believe I'm one of the people Meta is stealing determination and hope from.


Darkest Secret: I'm actually a transhumanist medicine student and sci-fi addict RPGamer intending to live forever

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