Adventures & Campaigns

Whenever you and your friends first decide to give DnDis a try, or maybe somewhere further down the road, you might find yourself stripped for ideas for adventures. You can come here for inspiration or a roadmap. Just note: if you plan to be a player in one of these adventures, it's best not to read past the plot outline and mechanical stats.

For those submitting your descriptions, keep to this simple form:
Adventure title - Player number; Player levels; Number of adventures (if it's a segmented campaign)/Minimum number of sessions(if it isn't); Amount of freedom (In a few words - Is it a guided tour or a map of the area?); basic idea


Adventures are simple events in the life of a faculty. They might afterwards go on to be the heroes of their time, or maybe they'll start infighting and end up in the local theorists' quarter. That decision, however, is up to the DM and the gaming group.
Generally an adventure should be playable in 1-2 sessions and shouldn't include too many world-ending events. It would also be good form to include at least one chance for a levelup, though this is by no means obligatory.

Akrasia - 3 players; 1st lvl; mostly railroad; an introductory adventure


Microcampaigns are quite what you'd imagine - more tasks, more conundrums, more threats, more rewards and generally more freedom than an adventure would provide. But it still should have a somewhat definite endpoint.


Macrocampaigns are what every DM dreams of, but only few remain sane long enough to see one come to fruition. A description would include elaborate maps, key figures, their motivations, politics, places and the monstrosities that live there. At best a Macrocampaign can go on forever (or until end of the world/absolute utopia is achieved), so it's nearly impossible to perscribe more than the very initial situations.

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