Name: AirshipHobo, King of the Clouds
Level: Unknown (he forgot what it was)
Class: World-Builder
Alignment: Typically in whichever direction the wind blows, since a tailwind makes you go faster!
Qualia: Determined, Absent-Minded, Genius, Nice to a Fault, Overworked, Eccentric, Big Eater
Skills: World-building 4, Writing 5, Drawing 3, Memory 0, Attention Span -2, Kindness 5, Hunger 6, Work Ethic 99
Write Story
Avoid Conflict
Exhaustive Research
Flesh-out Setting/Back Story
Get Distracted
Stream of Consciousness

Biography: AirshipHobo, also commonly known as Ash or ASH, is one of the developers, and has been around since the start of the Beta edition. He has participated in many a gruesome and adventurous playtest in his day. Development wise, he is most in his element when fleshing out the DnDis universe, either through establishing settings, back story, or writing stories to add depth and flavor to the game universe. Ash is also a hard-working, determined individual of high intellect, though his astonishingly low attention span makes him easily distracted and prone to talk a lot, jumping from topic to topic with a logic that only he understands.

Darkest Secret: Hunger robs him of his powers and makes him whiny and uncooperative until he eats something. Caffeine deprivation has a similar, if lesser, effect.

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