Anarchist Commune in the Domain of Discourse, home of a variety of rag tag Philosophers from Daoists to Nihilists. They are constant targets of raids by imperial nations, and as a result volenteer guards are posed to attack any imperialist philosophers on sight, and generally won't take kindly to any absolutist philosophers either. Another side effect of the constant battles is the ruined out skirts of the mountain city, where several Last men wander about listlessly, there are even reports of afew Demented Nihilists who wander the area, though sightings are rare.

The inside of the city is much more peaceful, relatively quiet. Mostly peaceful or pacifistic, the town is welcoming and as friendly as possible to strangers. There are a few competing schools of Anarchist thought, but for the most part, they manage to work around it.

Anarchon is largely divided into four zones which are listed as follows.

The Free Zone

The individualist sector is largely spaced out, mostly containing small farms, and they inhabitants are generally hostile to any large and imposing interference, but are also the only part of town that deal with work with currency, on the center of their sector (withdrawn from the main part of town), there is a hamlet with a bookstore, a beer store, a bakery, a potion store, a clothes store and a coffee shop (among others).


Walden Park- An eco-protected park, largely left untouched by technology, often acts is a safe haven for Anarcho-Primivists and other Neo-luddites around the town.

The Collective Zone

This area, organized by the Worker's Democratic Union, is the more urban zone. Constituting the majority of the town, most of the area's residents live in apartments, working in various factories to produce what needs to be produced. As a whole they have discarded currency as something of value, instead simply helping out everyone with what they need to get through the day. Most of the collectivists will be friendly, but won't take too kindly to anyone who tries to take more than what they're due.


Industrial Zone- Generally dispised by Green Anarchists, it is the heart of the Anarchon ecomony, producing all the food, clothes, books and everything else the people need. Due to the attacks and paranoia of a Pathos or Logos spy damaging their equipement, travellers are generally discouraged from entering.

The Free Library- Generally left unchecked (as a result is often a target for graffitti, both artistic, and not-so-much), it works under the ideal that knowledge is free, all it's books are from the donations of villagers and travellers, books that are desired are left for the taking for locals, but travellers must trade in an equal amount of books. It a center of the local cultural and Intellectual movements, and a great center of friendly debate among aspiring philosophers. from time to time, it may become the target of wandering philistines, but is usually able to defend itself.

The Religious Section

It lies in a corner, between Individualist and Collectivist zones, a home for sects of Taoism, Christianity, Buddhism, who worship at their local temples. Most hold the firm belief that none should be worshipped except God. Some work in the collective zone, others pass their days as farmers with the individualist. Most of the inhabitants have taken on a vow of pacifism and poverty, and rarely possess much as a result. There are houses in this zone, most designed for simplicity and often adorned with their various holy symbols. The market of the area is basically non-existant, the priests give away blessings and icons and live off donations.


Due to the mountianous nature of Anarchon, they have managed to push back much larger armies through use of their chokehold entrance, but result of these battles of this long standing resistance to any form of outside authority is that much of the outskirts of the town lay in complete disrepair. The ruins outside this town has become a home to many Last men and some have even reported seeing Dementent Nihilists wandering about.

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