Ancient Hills

Supposedly the origins of true philosophy can be found here. The largest concentration of intact ruins can be found here, also the very oldest ruins are found here. All three of the old Empires, Sophia Minerva and Itzamna have passed through this place and built great cities, some suspect that this might have been some sort of neutral ground where the three gathered before building the fourth wall. Countless adventurers flock to this spot none the less, seeking treatise and relics of the long past days of these empires, some under the employ of empires others seeking to claim what they can for themselves. However, over time countless monsters have gathered here, Luddites and Troglodytes who cling to the ruins of bygone days as well as countless other creatures. Even more worrying to some is the strange power that causes the environment itself to turn hostile against intruders, it's not overtly hostile, the ground doesn't open up to swallow you, but it seems like the edges of chasms dilberately break away, that trees and bushes grab at clothing, and that hills increase their incline just enough to make the trip even more tirering, the effects get worst the longer you stay, and the closer to the center of the hills you get, something bad happened that caused the collapse of 3 ancient civilizations, and the very land itself doesn't wish for such a thing to be unleashed again, in fact, get too deep, and the land actually WILL open up to swallow you… it's not pretty… but it does keep the plant life rich what with explorer based fertilizer.

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