Name: Askalad (ne: Askalad I. Vemeren)
Level: 1
Class: Positivist
Alignment: Neutral Good(ish)
Qualia: Arrogant, Brusque, Sensitive, Pragmatic, Focused
Skills: Drawing: (9.90 x 10^4) x -1 , Math: 0.6, Procrastination: 3, Organization: 4.97, Writing: 4, Irony: 7, Creativity: 6, Videogaming: 12, Programming: 5, Arguing: 12, Worrying: 2394, Driving: 7
Program a bit in C++
Play videogames for the rest of time
DM/GM tabletop games
Play said tabletop games
Feel Superior

Existed twice, except the first time was a fluke. Once encountered a philanthropic red-shelled turtle in the Saharan Desert, and was told that god was not real. (He had ice-cream from Nicea.)

Askalad exists on many places in the mystical, and huge internet. He frequents Reddit and flutters about to various websites, depending on need.

Played DND (or a variant) since he was in the single digits, holds disdain for those who do not have a basic level of computer literacy.

He lives on the computer, and when college isn't a thing, has lots of free time.

Darkest Secret: Is possibly probably maybe perhaps hiding his true self to everyone close to him.

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