The great prophet Moses once parted an ocean to let his people escape an empire from the Great South, later, when he had reached Numinos and found an entire land based on religion, and was convinced not to wage a holy war on the people there in, he was recruited to use his amazing faith to part the ocean and allow the Evangelical Alliance to build a great naval city, the city of Atlantis. Now the waters are permanently parted around this city. A massive hole in the ocean that goes right down to the sea bed (and destroyed a great reef actually, many activists from Logos and the Domains protested this ineffectually when Atlantis was built). It is a marvel of architecture, built from coral and other seabed materials, and has an amazing agricultural community at the base of the city that produces amazing crop yields thanks to the richness of the soil (once the salt was removed for the most part). Ships can dock here, as long as their crews are of great faith, and they continue to float across the open expanse into the city docks from the edges of the great water falls. For this reason (in addition to the occasional whale or giant squid that accidentally falls out of the side), there is a large "safe" zone around the walls of water where no one is allowed to venture because of the occasional ship wreck from lack of faith… this doesn't stop intrepid treasure hunters from walking out into the zone to loot the ruins, or bring the dead back for burial in many cases. Without a ship the only way to enter Atlantis is across the Leap of Faith.

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