Autumn Laughter

Name: Lauma, Autumn Laughter, everyone's imaginary friend.
Level: i
Class: Logical fallacy
Alignment: N/A
Qualia: Hypersociable, graphomaniac, nonsense making, self-proclaimed genius.
Skills: Lurking - 3; Socialising - 6; Getting what I want - 90%; Maths - π; Survival - exceeds expectations
Singing at any time of the day,
Not fulfilling my awesome ideas of world domination and other pastime activities,
Crafting of sorts at special moments of inspiration,
Making ambiguous remarks,
Noticing unintended ambiguity of other people's remarks,
Using up tea at incredible speed.
Biography: I was born on a Friday 13, got a name of a forest spirit in Latvian mythology, learned being geek was in fact awesome when I was twelve and have been collecting weirdness points ever since. Also, got through the IB. Nothing scares me anymore. Apart from creepy giant long-legged mosquitoes.
Darkest Secret: I can be bribed with plum milkshakes, cake "Cielaviņa", campfire singing parties and cherries. Also, am allergic to time loops.

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