[Beta] Aesthetics

What is art? What is beauty? These are basic (and somewhat pretentious) questions behind the philosophical study of Aesthetics, which can, loosely, be called the philosophy of art. A distinction: while students of Image work hard at perfecting other peoples' perceptions of themselves, Aesthetic philosophers, lovingly called Aesthetes, are more extroverted in this sense, and prefer to beautify the world around them instead. Of course, they can also have the opposite effect too - dealing in the frightening and morbid is also a specialty of many aestheticians, such as that rank amateur that threw eggs at your house or spraypainted your fence, the jerk. However you wish to use it, one's use of Aesthetics is generally quite dependent on one's Charisma, since it, ultimately, involves the manipulation of the world.

Rank 1:

Contour Rivalry: Using your rudimentary knowledge of visual perception, you're able to summon a perplexing mirage and control an opponent's target through opthalmic illusion! You roll your Charisma, plus your Aesthetics Skill, against DEXTERITY number of targets, who may roll against this with any Skill or Stat they have. For the next round, you decide the target of any of your targets who did not roll as high as you did this turn. The controlled attack still must target one of your party.

Rank 2:

Elegance: With a graceful, simplistic gesture, the Aesthetician raises the parties' overall effectiveness through a display of Elegant power. Roll a Charisma + Aesthetics check - for the rest of the round, if an ally must roll a Charisma check, they may use this number instead of their own. May also be used outside of combat to extend your Stealth to party members you have visual contact with.

Rank 3:

Grotesquerie: By ritually burning a copy of a classic book of horror (such as one by Shelley or Lovecraft) or a similarly hideous artistic work (at the GM's discretion), you can directly Capture one of the characters of said book into your Element inventory and use them as hideous reminders of the follies and failings of man! You may occupy a number of Element Slots in this fashion equal to your DEXTERITY. Really does require said material component, though.

Rank 4:

Memento Mori: Your morbid mastery of the macabre allows you to summon up a images of dancing skeletons and flying ghosts, frightening the ever-loving wits out of a single enemy. The enemy takes any check against your base CHA - if he fails, he flees the scene for DEXTERITY turns. However, as the nature of this attack also reminds him, her, or it of the necessity of bravery brief span of life, he will invariably return, so watch out!

Rank 6:

Sublimit Break: Your mastery of Aesthetics is complete, and you may now unleash the vast power and metaphysical greatness of Nature herself into the field! Channeling her on the side of your party, you restore all your allies' Hit Levels to their maximum and strike all enemies with Awe for DEXTERITY turns, disabling their ability to Defend and use defensive Abilities. Furthermore, this round, all your allies' rolls may be counted simply as their maximum possible value.

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