[Beta] Catholicism

Roman Catholicism is one of the largest, oldest orthodox systems of Christian faith still rolling around the Discourse universe. While most agree that the best years of Catholic philosophy are well behind them since the rise of the secular Rational Empire, they once held enormous sway in Western thought, particularly after the fall of the original Sophists and Minervans.


5 conviction, 5 charisma, 1 credibility.


Rank 1
Exorcism: The Roman Catholic Philosopher channels holy power to smite his enemies. Roll a 1d2 if 1: debuff the opponent and deal CON/5 health levels, if 2: Heal a teammate for CON/5 health.

Rank 2
Benediction: A cry for divine help buffs a teammate to do CHA/5 more damage. It will also grant them wings for a turn and a nice looking halo. Cannot be done in consecutive turns.

Rank 3
Water to Wine: The Roman Catholic is able to turn any bottle or glass of water into wine with the wave of a hand. They are able to use that item as a minor healing agent; healing 2 health levels while -1 DEX.

Rank 4
Confessional Booth: A booth forms around the Philosopher and an enemy, only when your CON is higher. Whilst inside neither persons will take damage. This lasts CHA/3 turns and once it’s over, the Roman Catholic is fully healed and teammates will do CON/3 more levels of damage to that enemy.

Rank 5
Martyrdom: If a Philosopher or ally of the group has been killed the previous turn, every Philosopher of the group gains a +5 bonus for 3 turns to a single stat of the Philosopher's choice.

Rank 6
Resurrection: The Roman Catholic Philosopher channels divine power to attempt to return a friendly Philosopher or follower to life. The Philosopher
must make a check of CRE+CON+CHA to see if it’s over 3d20. If it is successful, the target returns to life. If not, the Roman Catholic Philosopher is reduced to 1 health level.

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