[Beta] Daoism

A philosophy dedicated to happiness through simple living and holistic enlightenment, the Daoists seek wisdom from simplicity and nonsequitur dialogues. Believing that destructive methods are inherently self-destructive, they tend not to act violently or in some cases, at all. Many Daoists in Sophos are independent missionaries hoping to convert people into the simplicity and understanding of the Dao so that wars and hatred will be a thing of the past… as you may have guessed, much progress must still be made.


CHA 10, CRE 1, CON 1

Rank 1
Yielding: Once per round, when he takes damage, a Daoist may instantly heal himself one Hit Level, so long as he was not reduced to zero Hit Levels and he has used a Daoist attack on his last turn.

Rank 2
Wei Wu Wei: The Daoist philosopher may skip his turn, accepting any damage done to him for one round. On his next turn he may then return exactly the damage he received plus his DEXTERITY as damage.

The Grandmaster: The most powerful action one can take is no action. The most powerful empires are crushed by it.
Disciple: Master… I do not understand…
The Grandmaster: As all of Tian fell to the Legalists, we did nothing. And did they not fall in turn?
-Chapter 3, Hung Mung's Book of Greater Wisdom than Sense.

Rank 3

De: After summoning a living Element, the Daoist may copy the attack used by the living Element on his next turn.

Rank 4
Use of Uselessness: The Daoist blends into the background seamlessly, becoming almost impossible to detect. CHA checks against him while he's blending in have the difficulty raised by the number of points in his Daoism skill until he attempts an action other than moving around.

Hung Mung: Even uselessness has it's uses.
Disciple: How so master?
Hung Mung: There are many who consider me Grandmaster are there not?
And with that the disciple was enlightened.
-Chapter 6, Hung Mung's Book of Greater Wisdom than Sense.

Rank 5
Darkness within Darkness: When in a shaded area, if no one percieves him, the Daoist may teleport to another shaded area within sight. If he attempts to bring others with him, he must roll a Challenge to his Charisma.

Rank 6
Liang Yi: The Daoist splits his good side and evil side. Each turn the Daoist must roll 1d6 before both halves attack. On a 1, the good side refuses to attack, on a 6 the evil side will attack a teammate. Each side possesses the same health as the Daoist did before Liang Yi. The Daoist may end this freely on any turn, but must end it if one half dies. The Daoist cannot use Abilities or summon Elements while in a state of Liang Yi.


Enlightenment: The Daoist enlightens a single enemy to the circuitous nature of existence through examples. The enemy must make a CHA check. It disregards the teachings of the Daoist and attacks normally if it succeeds or if it is attacked. If it fails with a number thats half the Difficulty or higher, it loses its turn in confusion and the Daoist must explain again. If it fails the check by a number smaller than half the Difficulty, then the subject is unable to comprehend the truth of the Daoist's words, its own existence gets in the way of itself, and it ceases to exist.

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