[Beta] Discordianism

Discordians believe that everything is true, even untrue things, but on the other hand everything is untrue (even true things). They believe in spreading Chaos (as opposed to mere disorder) where they can, to reveal the fundamental Truth in everything. Disarmingly convincing, they prefer to hide behind strange but oddly real arguments, and ultimately may draw upon the dreaded law of Fives.
Their abilities draw on the wisdom of the Principia Discordia and other such holy texts.


Highly illogical: Discordians may contest a Credible effect aimed at them by rolling Discordianism+CON/5. If they get more or equal successes, they ignore all effects.

1 CON, 10 CHA, 1 CRE


1 - Sri Syadasti: The Discordian rolls Discordianism+CHA/5 vs. the opponent's Class skill+CON/5. If they win, the opponent may not add their conviction to any roll for DEXTERITY turns while they struggle with the implications of their values being false and meaningless in some sense..

2 - Overactive Pineal Gland - A Discordian may consult with Eris daily for advice on their quest. She may not always give direct or useful advice, but she's always willing to have a chat.

3 - 23 Skidoo - A Discordian may completely remove themselves from any combat or dangerous Challenge, but cannot then help their party until it is over

4 - Kallistis - The Golden Apple of Eris is a more advanced tool in a Discordian's inventory. The three highest CHA characters present (excluding Discordians, who prefer to joyously partake of a hot dog sans bun) fight amongst themselves for possession for DEXTERITY turns, when it is revealed to be rotten.

5 - Principia Discordia, 5th edition: The Discordian reveals the 5th Edition of the Principia Discordia and rolls Discordianism+Cha/5 vs. Class Skill+Con/5 (for an inanimate or willing element, no roll is needed). If they win, the creature disappears, captured in the page (which acts as an extra Plot Element slot). A full one will show the trapped element; an empty one will show only MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

6 - The Law of Fives: By revealing the inherent fiveness of all things, all of the opponent's Stats are rounded down to a multiple of five and all of the party's stats are rounded up to a multiple of five for DEXTERITY turns. This can be used in or out of combat, but only once per combat or challenge.

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