[Beta] Humanism

Humanists are phillosophers who believe in the basic good of all humans. They question everything they encounter with scientific reason, and
have filled many rolles over the years. They primarily fall into two chategories: Those who are Athiests, and those who are agnostic. A few recorded instances of religious humanists have been found, but they are rare indeed.

Humanists provide some damage to foes, but also serve a suport roll, encouraging fellow phillosophers to fullfil their full potential.


Agnostic/Atheistic skills:
Rank 1
Five Windows of the Soul - Standard Action
The intellect is most truely human
Target: one ally within X squares
Effect: target's next attack deals addiitonal damage equal to CRE/5, with a minimum of one extra damage.

Rank 2
Common Condition - Standard Action
Commonality of the human condition
Target: one foe OR one ally within X squares
Effect: target shares all buffs AND conditions with the Humanist

Rank 3
Scientific Skepticism - Standard Action
It is up to humans to determine the truth
Target: one foe within X squares
Effect: deals damage equal to your CRE minus the foe's CRE devided by two, with a minimum of one damage

Rank 4
Optimism - Standard Action
Living to full potential is obtainable
Target: one ally within X squares
Effect: Target ally receives a second standard action his next turn

Atheistic Skills:

Rank 5
Epicurean mindset - Standard Action
freedom from pain and fear
Target: one ally within X squares
Effect: removes one negative buff from the target

Rank 6
Ethical Culture - Standard Action
No capital punishment
Target: ALL
Effect: for the next round, no phillosopher or creature can be killed

Agnostic skills:

Rank 5
Spiritual, not Supernatural - Defensive Action
Self explanitory.
Target: one ally within X squares
Effect: the next CON attack that the target ally takes has damage reduced by 50%. This can be cast at any time after a foe has used an ability, but consumes the Humanist's next turn.

Rank 6
Alternative Commandments - Standard Action
Moses spawned a lot of disgruntled philosophers
Target: One foe within X squares
Effect: flip a coin. Heads: consumes the target's next turn as it ponders how these new commandments function and how they apply.
tails: the attack hits the Humanist instead, and the humanist looses his next turn. Durring the current turn and the next turn the Humanist has + 1 CON.

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