[Beta] Kantianism

Kantianism is a school of thought predicated on a rigorous observance of universal law(s). The Catagorical Imperiative(s) define the right decision in any and all situations. It is a devotion to these ideas that fuels their decisions rather than such pithy contrivances and emotions or goals. Because of their strictness and, some would say, stodginess Kantians can be tough to get along with. However, no one is more reliable than a Kantian and all Kantians are completely honest making them great allies.

The Catagorical Imperitive(s) follows:
"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

Although true Kantians see no distinction, the idea is sometimes split into two Maxims, the first preceding, the second following.

"Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end and never merely as a means to an end."

The Kantian functions as a unwavering defender protecting the party effectively from the chaotic perceptions of the less rational. They use CON to defend the party and resist the attempts by the less moral to hamper them and their universal understanding.

CON 10, CRE 1, CHA 1


Rank 1-
Duty to Act- Counter Action, The Kantian observes a situation that his philosophical edict binds him to act upon, in this case an enemy harming one of his allies. Roll Kantianism+Conviction vs Opponents Class Skill+Chosen Stat on a success reduce the hit level of an undefended attack by DEX.

Rank 2-
Catagorical Success- Free Action, By bolstering your body with pure force of will and purpose you may defend more powerfully. Add CRE/5 rounded up to a Defending action.

Rank 3-
Good Will- Standard Action, Repurpose a benefit to bolster yourself against the hordes of unreasoning nihilists. Remove one beneficial effect on the Kantian to gain back Hit Level equal to rank in Class Skill Kantianism.

Rank 4-
Never Compromise- Standard Action, Unleash a volley of strong, rational arguments against the inconsistent masses around you. Deals Kantianism+CON to all opponents who successfully dealt damage to an ally this or last turn. All other enemies take CRE/5 rounded up damage.

Rank 5-
Strictly Speaking- Standard Action, By explaining, calmly and curtly, to an enemy the irrational nature of their inconsistent and unethical belief system you may shrug off an adverse effect they placed on you. Roll Kantianism+CHA vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Skill to remove a negative effect they placed on you.

Rank 6-
End to the Means- Standard Action, By expressing your monumental will upon reality you may remove an enemies ability to act outside of the Catagorical Imperative. Roll Kantianism+CON/2 vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat. On a success they may not use anyone as a means or commit any action that could not be consistent as a universal law for DEX rounds.

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