[Beta] Mohism

Mohists are stern and pragmatic, believing that simplicity is the path to prosperity. Because of their dullness they tend to be overlooked outside of Tian, this is not aided by the fact that Sophos there are many who believe it's just Utilitarians trying a name change. When attention is payed to them, they are expert strategists who can make any party a lean mean debating machine. Unfortunitly, they rarely are.


5 Conviction, 5 Credibility, 1 Charisma


Rank 1
Management- the Mohist may skip his turn so that allies may each add CRE/5 damage (minimum 1) to their attacks.

Rank 2-
Fortification- Each consecutive turn the Mohist defends; he gains a +1 bonus to defending. These bonuses are removed the turn the Mohist stops defending.

Rank 3-
Befriending the learned- The Mohist may use the skill of an ally with of equal or lower level than the caster’s skill in Mohism. This also consumes his next turn.

Rank 4-

Virtually Nil- Any damage done higher than 1/X the Mohist’s total hit level may be said to be excessive and thus divided by X, reducing it to so little that it could be said to be nil, where X is the caster’s skill in Mohism. This costs the Mohists next turn as he tries to avoid excessive actions on his own part.

Rank 5-

Magnanimity – The turn this is cast, allies may cast any one of the Mohist’s abilities.

Rank 6-
Seven Causes of Anxiety- The Mohist may roll 1d6, leading to one of the following effects. the Skill cannot be used again until effect has ended.

(1) The Target’s defences drop to 0;
(2) The target’s allies can no long buff or heal him; all his buffs and heals are cancelled.
(3) Target cannot use any class skills
(4) The target’s next attacks are chosen randomly.
(5) The target cannot be healed
(6) The target becomes hostile to everyone (including former allies).

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