[Beta] Objectivism

The world is not complicated, you understand that, no, that is what the weak will want you to think. We are all a bunch of animals that have become strong due only to the uncompromising cruelty of the world. If you aren't strong then you will die, if you are strong then you will thrive. Objectivists believe that selfishness is the core value in the understanding of the world. As long as everyone looks out for themselves the world will work fine. Objectivism isn't about leaving people behind or have the strong dominate the weak, it is simply the philosophy of self-reliance. Objectivists are tough and capable. They do not offer assistance to the other members of the group unless they're getting something out of it and they do not accept it unless they feel like it. Charity only makes you weaker. They are not however opposed to teamwork. If working together increases their personal likelihood of success then it is in their rational self interest to work together.

Objectivists use their personal reserves of power, capability and knowledge to press onward through the harsh circumstances of life. They deal damage well and can take it as well. They don't however work particularly well with social circumstances unless it suits their means.

CHA 5, CON 5, CRE 1


Rank 1-
Self Reliance- Free Action
Objectivists are survivors first and everything else second.
Effect: Add your CON/5 to any attempt to resist a negative effect.

Rank 2-
Rational Self-Interest- Standard Action
Never give to charity, always accept charity. You are strong, if someone is foolish enough to offer you some of their resources then so be it. In fact, capitalize on that.
Effect: When an ally grants you a positive effect you may increase its duration by 1.

Rank 3-
Survival of the Fittest- Standard Action
It goes without saying that the very fact that you exist means you were stronger than someone. That someone who was weaker than you, well it helps if the enemies see you destroy them.
Effect: Roll Objectivism+CON vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat to deal CON to an enemy. If you destroyed an enemy in the last round roll Objectivism+CHA+CON instead.

Rank 4-
Don't Give'em an Inch- Standard Action
Your worth as a person is precisely equal to your power in this world. If someone tries to take that from you then destroy them. Effect: Deal Objectivism+CHA+the difference between your current hit level and maximum hit level.

Rank 5-
Kill, Kill, Kill the Poor- Counter Action
Effect: When an ally is reduced to 0 Hit Level restore your life by their Maximum Hit Level.

Rank 6-
Take What You Need- Counter Action
Effect: When an enemy applies a positive effect to themselves or one of their allies roll Objectivism vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat on a success copy that effect to yourself.

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