[Beta] Ophiuchian

The Ophiuchian believes in nothing but the continuation of existence, eternal chaos, and the power of the infinite, symbolized as the Ourobouros (twin snakes). They believe nothing is certain, and humans are endangering themselves with their delusions. Their insistence that everything is completely indeterminate due to the randomness of the universe is a very distressing concept: it is irrefutable, but also unprovable, making them both causally powerful and inherently annoying. Most other characters will find them insufferable by default.


10 CRE, 1 CHA, 1 CON


The Ophiuchian mainly acts as a general damage dealer and a disrupter, preventing the enemies from acting effectively and relying on his CRE to protect him and to dole out massive damage. In a pinch, he can mount a powerful defense and act as an emergency healer.

Rank 1 - Three Point One Four
The Ophiuchian recites one million digits of Pi in the space of a second. A chosen target is unable to physically attack for a turn, as the weight of the numbers collapse on their psyche. This ability may not be used two turns in a row.

Rank 2 - Smug Certainty
The Ophiuchian can call on his reserves of sarcasm and condescension in order to win any argument. When called on to perform a CON check, he may use CRE/2 in place of the CON value.

Rank 3 - Good Luck
The Ophiuchian crushes a target's dreams by pointing out in how many ways their plans could go awry. The target receives CRE/4 (minimum 1) damage, unless they have CON 10 or more, in which case they do not waver and are unharmed.

Rank 4 - Grim Fandango
Disgusted with mankind's delusions, the Ophiuchian calls on the fear of the infinite to deal CRE/5 enemies 1 damage, but his inner insecurities deals him 1 damage as well.

Rank 5 - Particle Fragmentation
The Ophiuchian shatters reality around a target, temporarily dividing a ring of air into molecules, then atoms, electrons, and so on. The target spends CRE/10 turns surrounded by a ring of infinitely dividing particles, and during this time they cannot be targeted by any attacks or abilities and cannot act in any way. This ability can only be used three times per day, and only once per combat, due to the massive mental strain the act of division imparts on the Ophiuchian.

Rank 6 - Transcendental Understanding
The Ophiuchian may expend two turns at any time to create a one-time use Plot Element called "Transcendental Tome", which the Ophiuchian can carry in ignorance of Element Limits. It can only be used in combat, and upon use, a conscious character of the Ophiuchian's choice regresses to the state in which they were when the combat began, by allowing them a momentary glimpse into the inner structure of the universe. All effects, damage, buffs are discarded, and their Hit Level is returned to its maximum-1 (minimum 1), due to the psychic strain of passing through infinity. While creating the Tome, the Ophiuchian is unaffected by all abilities that are not already present (continuing effects, etc.), but can be directly attacked and is unable to stop the process. Only one Tome can be created per day, and dissipates at midnight if unused.

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