[Beta] Pataphysician

Class: 'Pataphysics (practitioners are known as 'Pataphysicians)
Affinity: CRE/CHA

If you ask a 'Pataphysician to explain 'Pataphysics, he well tell you that it is the science of imaginary solutions, resting on the truth of contradictions and exceptions, that is that which lies beyond metaphysics. He'll then give you some philosophy about how life is essentially a metaphor for something else, and that all metaphors can be viewed as the first step towards pataphors, where the "something else" actually rests. Somewhere in the middle of it all, he'll challenge you to a game of Scrabble; don't listen. Later on, when your head is still reeling and you ask somebody else what 'Pataphysics is, they'll tell you that 'Pataphysicians talk a lot of nonsense and rhetoric that doesn't really amount to much. Later on, after a few beers, they'll challenge you to a game of Scrabble. After they beat you soundly at it, their face will go fluid and reform into the 'Pataphysician you were talking to in the first place. He'll claim it was a lesson in truth, and leave you with the tab.
Don't you just hate that?

Class Quale: Imaginary Solutions - The 'Pataphysician specializes in finding creative and, when at all feasible, impossible solutions to life's problems. As such, they may use a number of their Element Slots equal to their rank in the 'Pataphysics skill to store Plot Elements which they haven't actually encountered and which, in fact, do not exist at all - but which might conceivably exist and/or have been encountered under different circumstances.

Class Abilities

Rank 1: Law of Universal Equivocancy
In the philosophy of 'Pataphysics, everything is of equal importance to everything else: rocks, wars, pencils, torrid love affairs, flowers, Scrabble games—it's all the same. A 'Pataphysician is particularly skilled at convincing others of this. Invoking the Law of Universal Equivocancy, the 'Pataphysician chooses one target and takes the average of his and the target's current wound levels, rounding down if the target is an enemy or up if the target is an ally. The resulting number becomes the target's and 'Pataphysician's new current wound levels. If the number would be greater than the maximum wound levels of either party, then the number is rounded down to fit.

Rank 2: Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Pronounced 'Albin')
Sometimes, 'Pataphysics can't be explained beyond the notion of "It's just… 'Pataphysics." Understanding that, whether one likes it or not, is a form of enlightenment. When an enemy completely defends against the 'Pataphysician's attack, that enemy is dealt one hit level of damage. This only works once per enemy per encounter.

Rank 3: Two Steps Removed From Reality
'Pataphysics is the study and manipulation of that which lies beyond Metaphysics. This comes in three forms, each relating to a major school of Metaphysics. A 'Pataphysician may choose one specialty only.

Nontology: beyond Ontology, there is Nontology, where there are no classifications of entities; life is life. Manipulating this concept, a 'Pataphysician can change his shape into that of any living thing.
Supernatural Theology: beyond Natural Theology there lies Supernatural Theology, or that which the gods themselves are uncertain about. Since all the gods are in the game world, this means anything outside of the game world. Thus, manipulating Supernatural Theology, a 'Pataphysician can call for a redo on one die roll per game session.
Zeroth Principles: beyond the study of First Principles, which cannot be proven, is the study of Zeroth Principles, which cannot even be thought of. Why 'Pataphysicians consider this a fruitful subject of study is anybody's guess, but the practical upshot is the ability to force these proto-proto-concepts into the minds of others. Once per day, a 'Pataphysician can stun 'Pataphysics + DEXTERITY enemies for one turn while their brains try in vain to conceive of the inconceivable.

Rank 4: 'Pataphysical Spiral
Every point is a turning point, or so the 'Pataphysicians say. And they can prove it, too! Once per day, the 'Pataphysician chooses a number of enemies equal to his score in 'Pataphysics+CRE/10. For one turn, he can choose the targets of these enemies' actions, though he cannot control the actions themselves. Actions cannot be redirected to target a different team than originally intended.

Rank 5: Eadem Mutata Resurgo
Once per session, if the 'Pataphysician has been slain, he may self-resurrect to full health. However, this comes at a cost: the GM may, at his discretion, shuffle the values of any and every skill the 'Pataphysician has, including 'Pataphysics, as well as the character's scores in CHA, CRE and CON, his overall appearance and, to a somewhat limited extent, personality. This change lasts until the next session, when the 'Pataphysician's former studies in Nontology, Zeroth Principles or Supernatural Theology have allowed him to either restore his form through rearranging the idea of form, think on the unthinkable until the fresh concepts get bored and wander off, or use a real-world eraser and no. 2 pencil.

Rank 6: Maxwell's Silver Hammer
The weapon used to assassinate the great 'Pataphysician Joan is one which all 'Pataphysicians eventually learn to manifest. By rolling 'Pataphysics

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