[Beta] Plot Elements

our rhetorical repertoire. They may be anything from items of the landscape, to powerful weapons, to characters you have met - the list goes on. They may also be mundane as some bricks and mortar you found. (But unless the bricks have philosophical connotations or abilities, it's probably not worth your while to try and Capture them).


Charismatic philosophers have the unique ability to summon an Element of their choice to the field of debate, though they must use their entire turn to cause it to appear at the battle! This can have varying effects.

If it's a living Element (e.g. an enemy or ally) then it will likely appear for one turn, use an attack or Ability, and then dismiss itself. If it was Willing when it was captured, or has become Willing, then the charismatic can even tell it what to do!
If it's an inanimate Element with some power, then effects may vary - it may stay on as long as the summoner wishes it to, or it may do its thing and dismiss itself right away.

The summoner may dismiss a summoned Element on your terms during your turn in combat, and this will not use up your turn. Once an Element is dismissed, though, it will "fizzle" away and be unsummonable for a while - usually until the next fight or Challenge arises.

Capturing an Element

Capturing an Element can be done at any time, but takes a little while - one turn, when in combat. No roll is normally required on a willing or indifferent Element. If you are attempting to sneakily Capture an unwilling Element from a hidden position, you must roll your Charisma to stay hidden.

Of course, on some powerful, large, or particularly unique elements, the GM may ask you to roll a Challenge roll.

There are only two primary rules about Capturing thus far:

1. You cannot Capture a thing that is in combat against you.
2. In Charismatic terms, a dead or broken thing is not the same as a living or whole thing.


1. You can Capture something that is alive but senseless, although Summoning it immediately after would probably not be a good idea.
2. If an Element dies (or breaks), then it is no longer Captured.
3. If the thing you are trying to Capture enters combat against you while you are trying to Capture it, you can no longer Capture it.

Once captured, the Element may be summoned in combat, or to help with Challenges. Willingly Captured Elements will allow you to control them and dictate their actions when Summoned. Indifferent or Unwillingly Captured Elements, however, are more unpredictable…

Also, remember that you have only so many Element Slots, determined by your Charisma. While Capturing an Element takes a turn in combat, vacating a slot is instantaneous.

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