[Beta] Post Modernism


Post-Modernism is a diverse movement gaining momentum across much of the Domains and possibly elsewhere as well. Post-Modernists can be found in most local coffee houses, sometimes. Post-Modernists are able, unlike most philosophers that are known of, to interact with the Fourth Wall constructed by the Old Empires and the Fantasy lands that lay beyond, however too much interaction can leave them a little bit…differently minded. The Fourth wall is guarded largely by Post-Modernists who can manipulate it as they see fit, usually against Post-Modernists who can do the same. In spite of their… uniqueness… they are an excellent addition to any adventuring party, usually.


5 CHA, 1 CON, 5 CRE

Rank 1-
Deconstruction- Standard Defensive Action
Effect: Instead of defending the Post Modernist may roll his skill in Post Modernism plus CHA /5. If he rolls higher than his opponent the attack is completely negated and the ally gains hit levels equal to the Post Modernist’s DEX bonus, if he scores lower than his opponent this ability has no effect.

Rank 2-
Genre Savvy- Stardard Non-Offensive Action
The Post Modernist’s extensive knowledge gained playing with the fourth wall allows him to predict how certain events will turn out.
Effect: He may roll Skill in Post-Modernism+CRE in order to locate a plot element, enemy or item DEX times per day. This roll is to be done by the DM and the result kept secret from the player. On a failure of more than half the difficulty check, the Post Modernist suffers a "bout of wrong genre savvy", in this case it is recommended the DM give him a cliché, but incorrect, location for the item.

"A murder, huh? We should investigate the butler. I've read mystery books, man. It's always the butler!"
-A Post-Modernist ending a murder mystery 5 minutes into the script.

Rank 3-
Pataphor- Standard Indirect Action
Effect: A postmodernist may roll his skill in Postmodernism + CHA against a difficulty set by the DM in order to transform a metaphor into a captured Plot Element. This can be used to negate attacks, but the captured element is considered hostile.

Rank 4-
Homage- Free Action
Effect: If the Post Modernist uses the same ability as an ally did over the previous turn, he may attribute it to his ally, allowing him roll Postmodernism instead of the ability’s corresponding skill roll and add an addition DMG damage.

"I think of the postmodern attitude as that of a man who loves a very cultivated woman and knows he cannot say to her, "I love you madly," because he knows that she knows (and that she knows that he knows) that these words have already been written by Barbara Cartland. Still, there is a solution. He can say, "As Barbara Cartland would put it, I love you madly.” - Umberto Eco

Rank 5-
Lampshading- Free Action
Effect: If any one of the Post Modernist’s attacks is defended against, he may cancel the attack by pointing out the obviousness of it and instead dealing DEX damage to his opponent. However the Damage done by this cannot exceed the damage that would have been done by the initial attack.

Rank 6-
Mind Screw- Standard Offensive Action
The Post Modernist throws everything he can from hacking at the fourth wall to pointless symbolism into one massive nonsensical attack
Effect: Roll Skill in Post-Modernism+CHA vs. Opponent’s choice of Skill and Stat. On success the Post Modernist is able to stun an opponent for DEX turns. Casting this reduces the Post Modernist’s CRE by 10 for the rest of the encounter, and cannot be cast if the result would render his CRE below 0.

“Erm… What the hell just happened?"

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