[Beta] Proselytism

Your salvation is at hand! Accept Proselytism that you too may be saved! Only damnation lies with the other philosophies! Come join the ranks of the faithful lest you find yourself among the damned! Are you prepared to step forward and accept Proselytism as your one and only true philosophy?

Class Introduction-

Proselytism in some form or any other is among the most common philosophies of Numinos. Individual followers of Proselytism, or Preachers as most call them, vary greatly in personality. Some are humble teachers offering guidance and aid to those who need, others are basically the Televangelists with magic powers. As an entire philosophy of people dedicated to converting other people to their their philosophy, the general opinion on the philosophy outside of Numinos is often, understandly, poor.


Preachers are focused on controlling the field, converting and stalling enemies while healing allies. Because of their lack of Damage and Defensive skills, They are heavily reliant on the party Tank and should focus on keeping him in one piece.


Rank 1-
Purify- Standard Action,
The preacher performs a quick ritual on his ally, cleansing him.
Target: One Ally within x squares.
Effect: Remove all ongoing status effects on target.

Rank 2-
Redemption- Standard Action,
The preacher says a quick prayer for an ally
Target: One Ally within X squares.
Effect: The ally regains CHA/5 hit levels.

Rank 3-
Divine Favour- Counter action,
The preacher's faith is capable of rewriting minor aspects of reality, allowing him to alter chances and probably.
Target: One being within X squares.
Effect: The target must reroll the result of his last action. The action consumes the Preacher’s coming turn as he recovers from the great amount of energy it takes to do so.

Rank 4-
Pacify- Standard Action,
The preacher shows he means no harm and convinces opponent to lay down his arms.
Target: Self and one opponent within X squares.
Roll: Flip a coin.
Effect: On success, neither Preacher nor target may attack or use skills for DEX turns.
On a failure, the ability has no effect.

Rank 5-
A Word to the Faithful- Standard Action,
The Preacher draws inspiration from his faith, so much so that it empowers his allies.
Target: An Ally within X squares
Effect: The ally gains a bonus equal to CHA/2 to a selected stat for DEX turns. Does not stack.

Rank 6-
Easy Evangelism- Standard Action,
The preacher's faith is contagious and he is more that willing to spread it, converting the uncertain to his philosophy with ease.
Target: One target within X squares.
Roll: Make a CHA vs. CON check,
Effect: On success the target is converted to becoming an ally for DEX turns.

Believer: Mr. Spencer, I'm sure the thought of your daughter dying breaks your heart, right?
Unbeliever: Of course!
Believer: Well, God was even more heartbroken when He sent His Son from heaven to die on Earth.
Unbeliever: Why did God have to do THAT?
Believer: Because all people are sinners, and God would never allow sin to enter heaven. Because of our sin, we ALL deserve hell. The only way man could ever get into heaven was for someone sinless to die in his place and pay the penalty for his sin.
Unbeliever: Who could that be?
Believer: That someone was God the Son, Jesus Christ.
Unbeliever: You mean Jesus died for US!

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