[Beta] Psychoanalysis


Affinities: CRE/CON

The original psychotherapists, Psychoanalysts subscribe to the old-fashioned method of absolving psychic trauma - that is, blaming it on the patient's repressed sexual urges. While this may seem base and trite, Psychoanalysis does seem to produce results, so it seems there may be something to the semi-mystical jargon they spout after all. And since there's never any great oversupply of functional combat medics in the Discourse universe, a psychoanalyst is always a welcome addition to any team of philosophers. Even after what he said about your dear, beloved mother.

Rank 1:

Defense Mechanism: You use up your turn to conjure up a flying psychic representation of your allies' personality quirks that allows you to perform an extra Defense for one round. Once the mechanism is utilized, it is destroyed and another must be created. Thankfully, Defense Mechanisms may also be conjured up out of combat so long as you have another ally around to conjure them out of.

However, Defense Mechanisms also have an annoying tendency to respond loudly and flippantly to any situation. As such, stealth checks automatically fail whilst a Defense Mechanism is present.

Rank 2:

Free Libido: By unlocking some of that repressed sexual desire in his allies, a Psychoanalyst may fuel one ally's Eros Drive, Healing him or her for HEALING hit levels. This heals for +1 Hit Levels if the Psychoanalyst happens to have a Quale or item that emphasizes his or her sexual attractiveness.

Rank 3:

Dream Interpretation: The calling card of the Psychoanalyst. Through intensive therapy, a Psychoanalyst may consult his pages of notes and determine what caused the cognitive failure of a fallen ally. By expending the Pages he gathered during the last combat minus his ATTACK, he may then bring his ally back to some modicum of social functionality, HEALING him in the process. The intensity of the therapy, however, means that this may only be performed out of combat.

Rank 4:

Object Relations: By better understanding the relationship between things in the real world and those in the internal, the Psychoanalyst can unlock the hidden power in symbols! When the Psychoanalyst uses an expendable item, they may add their HEALING to the caused effect. Does not apply to cigars.

Rank 5:

Undo Parataxic Distortion: By better attuning yourself to your patients real selves instead of the self you imagine for them, you may double your HEALING next round. This consumes a turn.


Psychodynamics: Harness the power of free association to heal and buff an ally continuously! You become unable to attack or use other Skills as the therapy progresses, but you and your ally are each HEALED this turn and every following round you continue, and may add your ATTACK bonus to his own until you or the participant decides to conclude the therapy.

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