[Beta] Pythagorean

For every notion, object, idea and situation there is an applicable equation. Pythagoreans boil everything down to math. In this way they rival Utilitarians in there sheer number-crunching capability. It is, however, very difficult for them to work professionally in mathematics because of their continued disbelief in irrational, imaginary and negative numbers. That and the fact that they don't eat meat.

Pythagoreans must abstain from eating beans, picking up what has fallen, touching white cockrels, stirring fires with iron, and placing mirrors next to sources of light; if they do any of these things they lose all pythagorean special abilities until the next encounter/challenge.

Summoning an irrational, negative or imaginary number can either deal 3 damage to a pythagorean, or negate one of their attacks.

CRE: 5, CON: 1, CHA: 5

Rank 1:
Communal Knowlege-standard action
You and your party share knowlege. You make sure that you are credited with it.
Do basic attack damage replacing your CRE with the sum of the CRE of one party member and half your own CRE for calculations.

Rank 2:
Disinterested Science-free action
"The greatest purification of all is, therefore, disinterested science, and it is the man who devotes himself to that, the true philosopher, who has most effectually released himself from the 'wheel of birth.'"
You instantly withdraw from combat, and can not be attacked (or attack your self) for CRE rounds.

Rank 3:
Summon Triangle-free action
After a long time of only using it for boring stuff like maths and architecture, the pythagoreans finally found a more exiting use for their in-depth knowlege of triangles.
You gain a triangle to use in your attack. You deal extra damage on your next attack your pythagorean level + 2CRE/5.

Rank 4:
Pythagorean Number 1-attack action
The number one is the number of reason. Of course, by default, anyone who opposes you must be unreasonable, therefore the number 1 is their bane.
Deal pythagorean level + 2CHA/5 to target non-pythagorean, or negate one of their attacks.

Rank 5:
Pythagorean Number 4-defense action
The number four is the number of retribution. Revenge will be yours.
Reflect incoming attack or effect back at attacking creature, leaving you unharmed, and making them deal with the concequences.

Rank 6:
Pythagorean Number 10-stadard action
The number 10 is the number of the universe. With it you can become attuned with all creation, and use it to your advantage.
A number of creatures you choose equal to your CHA attempt to attack target creature on their next turn, even if that creature is their ally.

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