[Beta] Spinozism

The Spinozan believes in two basic ideas through which the whole of existence can be understood. The first is that God is substance and that substance is existence. The second is that through a combination intense study and a careful rational examination one can gain pure understanding. This dichotomy means that Spinozans can get along with pretty much anyone. From the deeply religious to the purely rational everyone is just expressing their particular understanding of the world.

Spinozans help unite the world logic with the world of piety and thus unite their teammates by bridging the gaps between each of their philosophical beliefs. They exchange buffs and grant boons to friends and are at least capable of dealing damage to enemies, though it is not their strong suit.

CHA 5, CON 1, CRE 5

Rank 1-
Great Reader- Free Action, Roll Spinozism+CHA vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat on a Success you decode the enemy and may look at its Stats.

Rank 2-
Path of Reason- Standard Action, You focus on an enemy and do not let your attention be diverted. Roll Spinozism+CHA vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat. On a success you recognize a fallacy in their existence and express it calmly. Deal CRE damage.

Rank 3-
Path of Piety- Standard Action, Take a buff affecting someone and copy it's effects onto another person. If the person is willing this requires no roll. Otherwise Roll Spinozism+CHA vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat. The copied buff lasts for DEX rounds.

Rank 4-
Substance- Standard Action, Attempt to pull an enemy from its independant state to a state more literally combined with the substance of existence. Roll Spinozism+CHA vs. Enemies Class Skill+Chosen Stat. On a success deal CRE/2 damage and remove one buff.

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