[Beta] Tieranist

Tieranists are deeply ingrained ethicists, basing their ethical foundations in the earth itself, and in natural law. Deriving their sentiments from the 'Tier' - the inner Beast, they are often cold and calculating in their logic, to the point that some regard them as cruel. They have a great disdain for the human egomass, believing them essentially to be sheep, and they believe mankind has strayed too far from its animal roots and must either regain their instincts or be destroyed.


The Tieranist is a survivor, able to revive his allies and shrug off damage and effects. With a shifting, versatile defense and moderate damage dealing, he can be a tough opponent to all but the most confident foes.


5 CON, 5 CRE, 1 CHA


Rank 1 - Free The Beast
The Tieranist ruminates on his animal nature, and channels his instincts into his body in preparation for incoming attacks. Any opponent who targets the Tieranist receives DEX-1 until their turn ends.

Rank 2 - Bristly Personality
This ability can only be used if the Tieranist's DEF is not 0. The Tieranist may, at any time during his turn in combat, manifest his persona as an illusory armour called 'Cloak of Thorns', which replaces his current body armour. Equipping or removing the Cloak is a free action, but may only be performed during the Tieranist's turn. The Cloak of Thorns deals 1 damage to everyone who targets the Tieranist with an attack or an ability, friend or foe, and DEF is reduced to 0 while it is equipped. Upon combat ending, the original armour is reequipped and the Cloak dissipates.

Rank 3 - Prove Yourself
When being targeted by an opponent with CON less than the Tieranist's CRE/5, the Tieranist gains 1 DEF until the end of combat, drawing strength from his certainty.

Rank 4 - Principle Of Charity
The Tieranist with at least Hit Level 3 may reduce himself to 1 Hit Level in order to revive an unconscious ally to 1 Hit Level.

Rank 5 - Resilient Conviction
This ability can only be used if the Tieranist's DEF is not 0. If an attack would reduce the Tieranist's Hit Level to 0, he may roll CON versus his attacker's CON. If successful, the Tieranist's DEF is reduced by 1 for the rest of combat, but the Tieranist is only reduced to Hit Level 1.

Rank 6 - Brutal Frustration
The Tieranist works himself into a rage at mankind's ignorance. This action takes two turns, and during these turns the Tieranist cannot act and is DEF-1. On the third turn, the Tieranist does (CRE+CON)/4 (rounded down) damage to a target without CRE 10< (to whom he only does (CRE+CON)/5, as he admires their rigour).

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