[Beta] Unitarian Universalist

With their symbol as a beacon of hope in the darkness, UUists are… well, they aren't really anything, really. Unitarian Universalism itself is a religious organization whose bounding tenet is essentially to affirm every teensy-tiny little spiritual mindset it comes across and, eventually, attempt to turn said amorphous syncretistic blob into something with some actual sort of coherent meaning. While some praise this non-judgemental approach highly, others downplay and criticize it for having a lack of real tenets. Whatever the case, it can at least be said that UUists have finally provided some answer to the question of the meaning of life. And that answer apparently is, "We're working on it, &#*% it!"

Affinity: CON

Rank 1:

Truth-Seeking Missile: A UUist is particularly good at tracking and identifying religiously-based items of interest due to his own high exposure to multiple creeds. He may roll UUism + CON to easily track and identify such Elements inside and outside of combat as a free action.

Rank 2:

Web of Existence: The power of your secularism manifests itself as a shining, web-like shield, more durable than average! Charismatic enemies who attack your allies this round must penetrate your Defense and deal some damage, or your Defense may be applied to the next attack after!

Rank 3:

Non-Creedality: No creed means there's no such thing as heresy - which comes in handy when you're shouting something you don't really like. By affirming yourself for this turn, you may ignore DEFENSE negative effects caused by your Ability against you next turn! Does not include cool-down times, though.

Rank 4:

Purpose and Principle: Affirm your allies and protect your interests with this double-whammy, allowing you to apply your HEALING in Hit Levels to all allies as well make a DEFENSE this round!

Rank 5

Fellowship: Twice per battle, you may mimic an Ability, Rank 3 or less, utilized by one of your teammates, so long as it was used by a player character.

Rank 6

Just Too Good: Religions, politicians, and so on just can't seem to touch you when it comes to ethics and religious matters - you can always fight them on their own ground, and what's more, you can just plain take it home better than they can. Your DEFENSE against any given attack that's Charismatic in origin is now doubled, and also you may ignore any Charismatic status effects on this turn and the turn following the use of this Ability.

"The Universalists believe that God is too good to damn them, and the Unitarians believe they are too good to be damned!" - Thomas Starr King, on the two founding sects of UUism

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