Charisma is one of the three stats of the Dungeons and Discourse universe, along with credibility and conviction, commonly referred to as CHA. Charisma governs power over the less-material. Naturally, people can be persuaded easily by a good Charismatic. Charismatics are also inherently stealthy due to their intuitive sense of the states of mind of those around them. While they can't exactly vanish, they can easily blend into a crowd, or a dark alleyway, and they make good forward scouts… of course, this goes both ways. Sharp Charismatics are also much more aware of their immediate surroundings than others and can spot surprise attacks. Finally, since a Charismatics' goal is warp the narrative structure of the universe to their will, they can also capture and summon up Plot Elements- people, things, and even places - they've found in the courses of their travels. Every 2 points in CHA allows a Charismatic another slot to keep these Elements in. Once Plot Elements have been summoned, though, they fizzle for a while (in the case of particularly powerful or volatile Elements, possibly even forever). You have been warned!

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