“Apologists are those who choose to systematically and fanatically defend the basis of a philosophy by questionably rational means. In spite of their dodgy metaphysics and logic defying faith, they are loyal, steadfast friends. Safe to say, they are here for a while. Just do not let them give you their magazines.
Apologists are very powerful defenders but they tend to wear themselves out quickly in battle unless they are supported. When they are backed up by a good healer, Apologists can cause a great deal of damage and take more than their fair share as well, without them, Apologists are basically glorified cannon fodder.”
- Ethos Edition of Philosopher’s Guide to Sophos, Chapter 3: Schools and Scholars

Class Default Stats:
1 CRE, 2 CHA, 2 CON

Rank 1
Guardian of the Faith
Counter Action
Apologists are fanatically devoted to the cause and jump at the chance to sacrifice themselves for the cause, often preventing their allies from doing the same.
Target: One ally
Effect: You may defend an ally from an attack. You may not defend again this round. The Ally cannot defend from the attack as well, but this ability does not consume his defence.
A man’s character is his guardian divinity -Heraclitus

Rank 2
Selective Perception
Standard Action, Ongoing
The apologist allows others to see what they want about them and hides what they do not. This allows them to blend in anywhere.
Target: Self
Duration: Indefinite
Effect: You disguise yourself and pose as a philosopher from the class of your choice. You do not gain the classes abilities. This is immediately when anyone discovers the illusion who did not already know of it before. Selective Perception may only be cast once per day.
Great minds are those that disguise their limits, that mask their mediocrity. -Joseph Joubert

Rank 3
Counter Action
The Apologist that uses Theodicy proves that even suffering can have its purpose.
Target: One opponent and one ally
Effect: When you are damaged by an opponent, you may choose to heal an ally for health equal to the damage done. This consumes your next turn.
If the creator of the world entire
They call GOD, of every being be the Lord
Why does he order such misfortune
And not create concord?
-Jataka tales

Rank 4
Powerful Devotion
Standard Action
While most philosophers try to prove their beliefs through debate, Apologists may sometimes resort to using their pure fanatical devotion.
Target: CHA/2 opponents
Effect: The Apologist may sacrifice up to CON*2 of their HP to deal half the damage to each target, if their CON is lower than the Apologist’s. The opponent cannot defend against this attack.
True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate hus life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. -Henry Miller

Rank 5
Blinding Faith
Standard Action, Ongoing
The Apologist’s blind faith can sometimes stun even the most jaded figures, blinding them in turn.
Target: Self
Duration: CHA/2 turns
Effect: Whenever an opponent with CON less than Apologist’s CON attempts to target an ability at the Apologist, they must first roll CHA against the Apologist. If the Apologist wins, the attack is negated. If the Attacker succeeds, he deals additional damage equal to his CRE score.
Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death -Les Brown

Rank 6
Standard Action
The Apologist conceals details that might be damaging to them or their allies.
Target: All
Effect: Negate all actions that have taken place since the Apologist’s last turn; effects and skills are undone and allies gain all HP they have lost. This may be even cast when the apologist is unable to use other abilites [unless they are below 0 HP]. The apologist skips their next turn after casting; for the next turn, all attacks that hit them do double damage.
Never think that God’s delays are God’s denials! -Comte de Buffon

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