“As far as the Positivists are concerned, there is no knowledge beyond scientific knowledge. Perpetual study and verification with an empirical mind set is the main concern of the Positivist. In the D&Dis universe, they tend to be the lone, quiet, yet quick to temper person who can't stand the other faculty members. However, they tend to come along because of their great fighting skills and their powerful abilities. Naturally, Charisma and Conviction are ignored in their pursuit of scientific truth, while their Credibility is essential to them.
Positivists are the main aggressive force in any encounter. With all abilities geared towards more damage, there's no foe they should fear, provided a healer is nearby."
- Ethos Edition of Philosopher’s Guide to Sophos, Chapter 3: Schools and Scholars

Class Default Stats:
3 CRE, 1 CHA, 1 CON

Rank 1
Standard Action
The Poistivist attempts to make the enemy reconsider their metaphysical beliefs by testing them with a purely empirical mindset.
Target: One opponent
Effect: Deals 2d6 + (CRE*2 - target’s CRE) damage to target
Men are not allowed to think freely about chemistry and biology: why should they be allowed to think freely about political philosophy? -Auguste Comte

Rank 2
Causal Interaction
Standard Action
Since some causal connections may not be as readily apparent, the Positivist proposes two possible causes for his views and then chooses the more probable to demolish his enemy.
Target: One opponent
Effect: Roll 2d6 twice. Deal the higher result + CRE damage to the target. You may not use a positivist skill until the end of your next turn.
There may sometimes be many factors behind a single result

Rank 3
Everything’s Reducible
Standard Action
The Positivist tries to convince the enemy that all emotional and mental processes are reducible to some simple physical events.
Target: One opponent
Effect: Deal 1d6 + CRE damage to target; if this is not defended against, the target’s CHA is reduced by your CRE/2 until the end of your next turn.

Rank 4
Scientific Method
Standard Action
The Positivist repetitively analyses his opponents arguments in a series of controlled mini-experiments, looking for inconsistencies.
Target: One opponent
Effect: Deal 2d6 + CRE + Your Target's CON damage to your opponent.
Science is the poetry of reality. - Richard Dawkins

Rank 5
Standard Action
The Positivist explains to the enemy how technology and its implementations will lead to a perfect society.
Target: One opponent
Effect: Deal 1d6 + CRE damage to target; increase your CRE by 1 until the end of the encounter.
"This is how the race is won
By my hands the sons of man
Understand, execute the plan
Bring on the singularity”
-Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel

Rank 6
Unified Science
Standard Action
The Positivist constructs an argument that draws from all branches of science.
Target: Varies
Trigger: The Positivist attacks with a skill other than Positivism
Effect: Deal damage equal to the arithmetic average of your and up to 5 allies’ CRE to each of a number of enemies equal to the number of friendly philosophers [You included] chosen for this ability.
Due to the sheer volume of knowledge needed for it, you can only call on no more than 5 allies per encounter and only once each, effectively capping it at 6 targets.
I have tasted the fruit of knowledge and it is sweet. - Provost Zakharov

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