“Utilitarians are the master number-crunchers of the philosophical world. While they claim no knowledge about grand schema, they believe wholeheartedly that the key to societal happiness, their ultimate goal, is the strict rationing of positive attributes and the marginalizing of the bad. This means, of course, that things like human happiness and pain are strictly quantifiable, and although they haven't yet figured out exactly how they can measure these things, it sure doesn't stop them from trying to spread their philosophy far and wide.
In smaller groups the Utilitarians will usually focus on inflicting damage on his opponent while in larger groups they’ll tend to be out classed by more specialized damage dealers and will want to focus on defending and distributing buffs. It is better however for most Utilitarians to keep a degree of balance between the two roles regardless of faculty size.”
- Ethos Edition of Philosopher’s Guide to Sophos, Chapter 3: Schools and Scholars

Class Default Stats:
2 CRE, 1 CHA, 2 CON

Rank 1
Maximize Utility
Standard Action
Obsessive number crunching pays off! The caster tweaks his moves in order to conserve motion and maximize his efficiency.
Target: One ally and one opponent
Effect: The Utilitarian heals an ally for CON HP and deals CRE*2 damage to an enemy. This costs the Utilitarian his automatic defense.
I can fix this. I CAN fix this. -Red-Green

Rank 2
For the Greater Good.
Counter Action
Utilitarians are willing to under go a great deal of personal suffering for the benefit of the whole.
Target: One Ally
Trigger: The User Heals an Ally.
Effect: The Utilitarian may sacrifice up to CON HP, and add that amount to the healing

Rank 3
Harm Principle
Standard Action
The Utilitarian waits in abidance with the Harm Principle before lunging on a foe.
Target: Self
Effect: The Utilitarian skips his turn, as if he were defending. However, rather than simply defend, he may choose to take the full damage dealt by his opponent and deal damage 1d6+CON damage to each opponent who attack him.

Rank 4
Good to the Greatest Number
Counter Action
As every good Utilitarian knows, good is no good unless shared, and evil isn’t too bad if it’s kept contained.
Target: Varies
Trigger: Attack or debuff targetting you and multiple allies or buff targetting only you
Effect: With this sacred knowledge, you may change the target of a skill that harms multiple allies to only affecting you or you may change the target of a buff only affecting one character to affecting a number of characters equal to your rank in Utilitarianism. This may not be used on Buffs you cast. Using this ability consumers the user's next turn.

Rank 5
Standard Action
The Utilitarian moves swiftly to prioritise the wounded. If you've got all your limbs, you'll just have to wait.
Target: Allies
Effect: Prevent damage to friendly characters of your choice over the next round. One character under 50% of his maximum HP can be defended from CON damage against all attacks this round; up to two Characters beneath 75% may be protected from up to CON/2 damage or all characters over 75% may be protected from CON/3. You cannot defend automatically this turn.

Rank 6
Felicific Calculus
Standard Action
All utility is ultimately calculable, in time the Utilitarian has learned to assign accurate numbers to various actions and can use this skill to great effect.
Target: Any number of opponents or allies
Effect: You choose to either deal X+CRE damage, where X is the damage you've taken in the previous round, or heal Y+CON, where Y is the amount you've been healed in the previous round. This may be split between all allies and/or over any enemies that struck you in the last round.
Whose negends are these?!

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