Darwinian Demon

Darwinian Demon

CRE: 2
CHA: 0
CON: 0

HP: 10
Level: -

Small fuzzy cheerful little creatures that spread and consume like locusts, leaving only destruction and tears in their wake.


As Mankind is still the dominant species on Earth, the Darwinian Demons are mostly contained. Usually they will be kept in boxes with various warnings written on them, which in ancient temples whose language no one speaks doesn't really help. Not inherently aggressive, if ignored, they will multiply very quickly and become a subplot in and of itself.


Utility Monstrosity – Counter Action
Target: Self
Trigger: Player or NPC uses an ability that would Buff anyone but the Darwinian Demon or Debuff Darwinian Demon.
Effect: If the effect is a Buff which would target anyone other than the Darwinian Demon then it is redirected to target the Darwinnian Demon.
If the effect would Debuff the Darwinian Demon, then it is negated.

Viva la Evolution – Standard Action
Target: Self
Effect: The Darwinian Demon's CRE is increased by one until the end of the encounter.

Mere Addition – Standard Action
Target: None
Effect: Darwinian demon may divide his CRE by two in order to summon a second Darwinian Demon with the same stats and abilities. Bonuses are adjusted proportionately.

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