Death and Dying

Similar to most Roleplaying games, when a character reaches 0 or fewer HP, she is not immediately out of the game. Instead she will suffer "cognitive failure", a state somewhere in-between unconsciousness, ennui, and anomie. The Philosopher cannot move on her own power - however, so long as someone else is nearby, that person can console the afflicted Philosopher enough to get her moving again, even if she requires support.

What is worse, in a failure state, standard Healing procedures restore no HP - special Abilities or items will have to be applied or Plot Elements summoned, in order to get the failed Philosopher back into fighting shape. If none of these are available, the philosopher will require a full 6 hours of rest before returning to fighting condition.

A failed Philosopher is also subject to having his head messed around with and rewired, effectively brainwashing the philosopher if he has no one around to defend him. In fact, current theoricians (and even a few rhetoricians) propound that feeding off and converting failed philosophers is what keeps the many Monsters of Deixis in such high numbers…

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