The Planet's name is Deixis. This is not a world of magic, this is a world of belief. The Planet of Deixis is controlled by the philosophies of the sentient beings living on it, and so a Philosopher is able to change the very world with his beliefs and arguments. Beliefs and concepts can take on physical forms, sometimes becoming creatures every bit as real as the philosophers who created them, many of whom have been left to wander Deixis. Because of their unique influence over the world, Philosophers fill many diverse roles in this society, from mercenaries to politicians. Unlike the Earth, Deixis is round along the west, but flat to the east. Along the East is the Ocean of Absolutes containing countless islands and continents that have only begun to be explored. Along the West is the Fantasy lands, home of every creature ever imagined. On the border of the two lies Sophos where many of the campaigns are based.

Nations of Sophos


The Domains of Discourse


Other Major Locations

Desert of the Gods
the Fantasy Lands

Former Empires

The Sophian Empire
The Minervan Empire
The Itzamnian Empire
The Rational Empire

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