Desert Of The Gods

Gods came from the desert… whenever men have seen that massive expanse of stars found only in the desert they have clamored to put something between them and it. Between Ethos and Hikmah, here is where Religion was truly first born, and it is still considered a holy place by most of the Evangelical Alliance, regardless of religion. Many Religious Philosophers go here to achieve transcendance, it is said that any holyman who can survive in the desert for forty days shall become Angellic Warriors (or the equilivant for other faiths) for their Gods, Non-Believers who have entered the desert and survived are said to become Overmen. However this is no easy task, as countless ancient deities roam the desert, these dieties having been all but forgotten and even mocked by surviving faiths, have lost their minds and become demons. Overmen are becoming more and more common within the desert, some hope this may be the Gods' counter measure against the growing Last Man Plague of former City of Light, while others fearfully believe this may be a herald for the end of Faith.

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