Dire Postmodernist

These frightening creatures are the result of postmodernists who reached 0 hit levels, and were subsequently left out in the wilderness. Their minds went under a process whereby they forgot everything but a few aspects of their postmodernist beliefs, and their bodies wasted away, leaving nothing but a skeleton.

They are most usually found in abandoned coffee houses, and can pose quite a threat to adventurers in large numbers.

CRE: 5 CHA: 5 CON: 1

Hit Levels: 3

Attack Damage: (3d6+5)/5

Defence: 0

Special Abilities:
Dire Book-action varies
Each Dire Postmodernist carries a special book around at all times. The effect of this book varies, but here are some examples: add CHA to attack (this book is used as part of an attack action), add CRE to defence (this action is used as part of a defence action), Heal 1 point of damage done to target postmodernist (standard action).

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