Known to most as the City of Angles, it is located on an island off the Domains, near Prolaria. If a place of art and religion could be said to be found in Logos, it would be Euclidia also known as the City of Angles. The most notable aspect of this city is that it treats Math with the reverence as a religion, believing it to be divine. This has made it a center of diplomacy between Ethos and Logos, and as a result is crawling with spies, lobbyists and philosophers looking to launch themselves into fame. However the most interesting aspect is the belief that Euclidia may once have been part of a larger archipelago, referred to as the Mathemagipelago that disappeared before the Fantasy lands were split off from the rest of the world. These islands, if the rumours are true, exist outside of the current time line due to a misapplied equation, appearing at random intervals where the two time lines converge, on this island Math does indeed possess mystic properities, time does not behave properly as some parts of the island appear to go forward faster than others, or even go backwards, allowing for people to encounter themselves. Rumours abound, but little is known of the Mathemagipelago save the stories of drunken sailors who returned home after a day, twenty years older than when they left.

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