An underwater city, connected by a mag-rail tube. The Logos navy is based here. It is also the center of aquatic and biological research in the empire. Of all places in Logos, people from here are particularly adventurous and hard to shake, having to deal with undersea creatures that would cause even the hardiest "land-lubber" to wet his pants and run like a scared little school boy. This is city also plays home to a great many Egoists and Nihilists, occasional conflicts have broken out between them, but never extreme violence (though a very few sections of the city have been damaged to the point of bulk-head collapse, though the situation has always been contained and the perpetrators brought to justice). Tension is rising though, and it may not be long before a civil war breaks out in Fountainhead, and Utopia is forced to bring in the Logos armed forces to keep peace in this critical naval position (it plays host to over 60% of Logos's navy)

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