Fourth Wall

There have always been ancient legends of inexplicable events that come not from science, personal convictions, or even gods. Legends say that there is such a thing as Magic, ancient forces that inexplicably cause things to happen. This legend is hotly debated among all philosophers, though largely discounted. The Legends claim that construction of the Fourth wall coincided with the Fall of the Old Empires during what was then referred to as the War of the Great Coalition. Both the Minervan Empires joined with the Itzamnian Empire and Tian in a war against users of Magic. Most records of the war are lost, what is known is that it ended in the dissolution of the three empires and the establishment of the fourth wall sealing away Magic from what remained of Sophos. Some historians suspect that before the war, Sophos may have been more than twice the size it is now, only to have much of their lands fall to the Magicians with the fourth wall set up as a last ditch effort at defence. However the massive loss of territory was too much for the empires to endure and internal organization fell to shreds as a result. This claim is supported by maps that seem to mark ownership over cities that would probably be somewhere to the east of the fourth wall, and no markings distinguishing Fantasy Lands, hinting that there was initially no division.

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