A non-sequitur of a city located in the Domains ruled largely populated by Discordians and a few existentialists. It allows monsters to roam the streets freely, but are generally pacifistic unless provoked or attacked. The town makes no effort to hide it's absurdity, and only makes sense when it's to further display chaos, claiming it wouldn't be very chaotic, if it had to constantly stick to a pattern of being so. Occasionally the town adopts a government, it usually only exists for a moment, but in that moment it is all powerful (This is done completely at random, and last at very most for 5 minutes) . The town's motto is "Traquility though Action, Harmony through Chaos"
Dungeons and other areas appear and dissappear, rarely lasting over a week, sometime appearing no more than a few hours, they are filled with absurdities that rarely even begin to make sense.

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