Name: Gideon
Level: Vague
Class: Multiclass Techmage/Ninja/12 Year old schoolgirl
Alignment: Neutral Confused
Qualia: Expository & Implository.
Skills: Paralyzed by potential. Rolls of 1-6 count as Maybe.
Psychohistory/Nostradamus' Little Trick - Gideon will make near-incomprehensible predictions that gain context only in retrospect. He will then claim that he got lucky.

Slow Reveal - Gideon will present seemingly random pieces of information relating to an unspecified event. This process has a high chance of confusing the listener (1-5 on a D6). If the listener avoids this, they will instead become enraged as the plot to their favorite upcoming movie is ruined.

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Gideon will automatically dodge any attack, temporarily becoming invisible and placing a comical log at his previous position. This is such bullshit that opponents will become enraged and must attack him again next turn if able.

Biography: Gideon will vomit up ideas when he has time to do so, and that's the best he can promise. Gideon oscillates between organization and chaos.

Darkest Secret: Actually made from twigs and old rags.

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