Name: Halceon, Professional Rat Behind The Curtain
Level: Higher than yours
Class: Plotter.
Alignment: Justified
Qualia: Selfrighteous, Scheming, Underhanded, Deceptive, Creative, Overworked
Skills: Dreaming 1, Falling asleep mid-game 4, Obscure referencing 2, Lyrics 3, Writing 5, Self promotion 7, Shame N/A
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I am one of the orphans that Meta has been stealing determination from. Also, i'm willing to do some tedious work to see this thing done. Now if i only could get enough time away from peasanting…
I've been around since alpha, playing in several campaigns, hosting some of my own. Also, to my dying day whenever i'm organizing a campaign, i will never call myself anything but Gamehost. Take that, accepted terminology!

Darkest Secret: I could tell you, but then you couldn't be sure it's true anyway.

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