Name:Meta's role model, Watcher in the Walls, Hamann
Level: ∞
Class: Devil's Advocate
Alignment: Beyond your petty Alignments
Qualia: Deadpan, Alcoholic, Insomniac, Critical, Thoughtful, Poor Role Model
Skills: Editing 6, Biology 4, Skepticism 5, Math 1, Artistic Ability 1, Work Ethic 0
Insult Idea
Loathe Other/Self
Edit Mediocre Writing
Work from Shadows
Bardic Knowledge


I am the one who has been goading Meta down this dark path of suffering and disappointment; I have been working on the game since the very beginning, and I'm the one who has to smack down Meta when he goes against the original intents of the game. It is a very satisfying job. My main job here is copy-editing; getting rid of grammatical errors, punching up the language in handbooks, that kind of thing. If Meta ever mentions wanting an editor who isn't an unrepentant alcoholic, he's talking about me; also, if anything made you laugh in the Handbook. I also help out a lot in play-testing, world-building and act as the Devil's Advocate in any mechanics discussion. When talking about new systems, I'm the guy who is there to point out flaws; not a nice job, but a necessary one.

Odds are I won't post often in the forums; I tend to work better by bouncing off ideas real-time, so most of the stuff I do is through Skype or IRC. I will try to post more often than usual, but do not count on it.

Darkest Secret:
I have no secrets.

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