Homebrew Bestiary

Here lies all the Beasties that are incomplete, overspecialized or otherwise unqualified to make the list, given some statistics or the right kind of campaign they could really shine but they don't quite make the main list.


Cartesian Demon- Surreal Final Boss
Demented Nihilist- Stronger Last Man.
Laplacian Demon-
Dread Sophilist- Surreal Final Boss
Zeitgeist - Diplomatic Mission, enemy boss.
Leviathan- Rebellion Final Boss
Dead God- Stronger Mythological Creature, capable of Summoning. Caused by Last Men.
Schroedinger's Lion?
DEUS EX MACHINA & Variations. Possibly stronger form of a Machine Ghost.

+Overspecialized/Untested Monsters.

HP 20

Placebo - Standard Action

Target: One opponent
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs 10+Level/3.

Effect: On a success, the Pseudoscientist may use CHA for its attacks against the target for the remainder of the encounter.

Axiomvore [Needs better name and further generalization not to be listed as homebrewed, current description narrows it too much]

HP 8
CON 3 CRE -1 CHA 2

An axiomvore is a common pest. It subsists on basic, undebatable assumptions, disrupting any credible worldview. Oddly enough, reports of axiomvores attacking low-credibility philosophers are almost non-existant.

Eat axioms -Passive
Target: Self
Effect: When attacking, the Axiomvore adds its target's CRE to its own.

Schroedinger's Cats and Kittens

Schroedinger's Cat
Entanglement, Observation
HP 30

Schroedinger's Kitten
Observer-based physisc, Entanglement, Observation
HP 15

The Schroedinger's cat is a puzzling creature - it exists in a state of both existence and non-existence. It is, however, common for these creatures to roam around with their offspring. Philosophers usually will encounter a Schroedinger's Cat accompanied by one or two Kittens.

Observer-based physics - passive
The cat exists in its state of superposition until it is observed, whereupon it collapses to a single (subjective) truth.
Target: Self
Roll: Opponent - 1d2
Effect: Every opponent mut roll at the start of their turn. This is done as a free action. On a 1 they see the kitten as alive, on a 2 - dead and can't interact with it in any way. [old: Every opponent that notices the cat must roll 1d2. On a 1 they see the cat as dead and are immune to its attacks, but also cannot attack it or defend allies against it. On a 2 they see the cat as alive and are capable of full interaction with it.]

Entanglement - passive
Even when observed, the Cat retains some element of its uncertainty. This makes everything done to and by it probabilistic.
Target: Self
Effect: All actions targetted at the Cat or done by the cat become superposed - they don't take effect until observed. [see below] Resolve all dicerolls at the moment of declaration and make sure to write the actions down in order of effect.

Observation - Standard Action
All wave-functions must collapse eventually.
Target: One superposed action
Roll: 1d2
Effect: On a 1 the action takes full effect. If the target of the action is killed, disabled or changed otherwise, cancel all following superposed actions that have become illegal. On a 2 the action is cancelled. This ability can be used by anyone who perceives a target of a superposed action as alive, and it is also triggered for all superposed actions in chronological order once all cats and kittens are defeated.

Devil's Advocate
HP 15

Generally appearing to wayward adventurers as a tall dark and snarky man of wealth and taste, this creature seeks out and perpetuates debates, supporting which ever side is weaker even changing position mid battle, purely for the sake of its own enjoyment.

Not my problem - passive
The Advocate shrugs off any accusations, by pointing out that it is not his own position he's defending.
Target: Self
Effect: The advocate may roll 2d6 on its defense rolls.

Deal with the Devil's Advocate - Standard Action
The Advocate gives his support to allies arguments.
Target: One ally
Effect: If ally accepts the buff, the ally gains a bonus to CON equal to the advocate's CHA so long as the advocate remains on the target's side. If the advocate changes sides however, the target instead receives an equal penalty to their CON until the Advocate returns to their side once more.

Mythological Creature
HL- ??
CON 5, CRE 0, CHA 5

Across Deixis there are small and forgotten Gods and their creatures, believed in by but a small few. These creatures are desperate for the belief that fuels them


Clap Your Hands if you Believe - ?
Target; All Opponents
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 2d6+CHA
The HL of the creature is equal to the total CON score of those who failed the checks.

Your Mind Makes it Real - Standard action.
Target; One Opponent
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 2d6-CON
The creature uses an ability it is believed to have, dealing damage equal to what the victim believes it should be. If successful, the Mythical Creature deals damage equal to the difference between the rolls, but on a failure it deals no damage. The damage caused by this ability cannot be reduced by defense.

Vague Ideas:

Machine Ghost- Effect?

Strawman- Weaker Dire Philosophers?

Golems- [Maybe]
Golem Ad Hominem
Golem Ad Baculum
Golem Ad Ignorantiam

Stanford Prison Guard- [Maybe, if not, then modify lastmen or create generic lackies]

Viral Marketer; Mind control Computer Virus. [Maybe, at best]

Diogene's Hounds- Cynic Werewolves.

Pavlov's Dogs- ???

Plato's Shadow- ???

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