Invisible Gardener

Invisible Gardener

CRE: 1
CHA: 3
CON: 3

HP: 30
Level: 4

Invisible Gardeners are strange phenomena that appear in untended gardens, forgotten homes and abandoned ruins. They tend to the area as best they can, and consider it their home, and as such they do not take kindly to those who just waltz in a steal everything that isn’t nailed down, or destroy things. They also take offence at the accusations that they are merely imaginary figments. Unless provoked by the destruction of their home, they tend to ignore philosophers, though some may be more territorial. They are completely invisible and insubstantial, but are not imaginary. They enjoy tea and may sometimes be found riding invisible pink unicorns.


Invisible Gardeners are typically the force responsible for any untended area that remains maintained or even flourishing. Typically found in well kept flower bed situated in the middle of the wilderness, there are those who specialize in the upkeep of buildings and other sorts of technology. They are generally peaceful until their garden [or building] comes to harm


Insubstantial– Passive
Target: Opponents and Neutrals.
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 9+Level/3
Effect: Any Philosophers who fail to pass the roll do not notice the Gardener. The Gardener cannot harm or be harmed by anyone who does not notice him.

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