Jungian Shadow


CRE: ?
CHA: ?
CON: ?

HP: ??
Level: ?

Jungian Shadows hide in the darkness until their prey approaches, then emerge from the shadows and attack their victims. If successful, they emerge from their victim's shadow, gaining the memories and abilities of the target but possessing a diametrically opposite personality. Whilst not necessarily hostile, the Shadows have a personality opposite to that of their victim, so even if peace can be negotiated, it doesn't tend to last long. Survivors of shadow attacks are marked by their lack of a shadow, which returns only once the Jungian Shadow is defeated.


Jungian Shadows desperately seek an identity to steal and will attack any philosopher with a shadow that they see. Commonly found in caves, they can be found in any shady location. Jungian Shadows that escape the initial encounter often form rivalries with their original identity, taking on opposing personalities, each will be drawn towards the other.


Mimic – Standard action
Roll: 2d6 vs. 2d6+CHA
Target: Anyone
Effect: Jungian Shadow takes on the form, memories and skills and stats of the target

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