Last Man

CRE: 1
CHA: 1
CON: 1

HP: 10
Level: -

Also known as Sheeple and Philistines, Lastmen are the embodiments of apathy and conformity. Individually, Last Men are very weak, but they always come in large swarms. No one quite knows what causes a Last Man, but they know what happens; towns will suddenly blink out of existence, every single one of the townspeople becoming a Last Man instantly.


Most commonly found in the Lastman plague, there are dispersed villages throughout Deixis where denizens were consumed by boredom.


Total Apathy – Passive
Target: Self
Effect: Last Man is so uncaring, that he feels no pain, and doesn’t acknowledge damage. Because of this, no status change affects the Last Man.

Limitless Boredom – Standard Action
Target: One Enemy
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 10+Level/3.
Effect: On a success: The Last Man hits the philosopher with an idea so boring that it stuns him. On failure, it does nothing.

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