Official Name: Confederation of Logos
Motto: Id Faciam Scientia
Capital: Utopia
Government: Technocracy
Population: 17,853,000
[Including Dependant Regions: 45,731,000]

A rising star in the northernmost part of the Continent, Logos is an ever growing monument to the power of SCIENCE! Centered upon the old city of Utopia, Logos has grown into what it is over little more than a couple of centuries. The city sprawls outwards, engulfing the north in pavement and transforming it into a sea of artificial light. Many other cities have followed in the footsteps of Logos, each one sprawling and expanding to meet the needs of their ever-growing populations. The architecture of Logos mirrors the aspirations of its peoples, scraping the sky and reaching ever higher while various madmen and geniuses alike proclaim the advent of Science in the streets; few are able to distinguish between them. The streets are littered with adventurers as well, hoping the lights of the city will lead the towatds their dreams.

However, mad Scientists, corrupt executives, and spies all have designs of their own. Across Logos countless information wars are constantly being waged, racing for the slightest bit of an advantage, involving anyone, from pirates who wish to copy a few sheets of Treatise to massive corporations using the stock market as a battlefield.

Whether in Utopia itself, one of the other great cities, or merely the shadows of their skyscrapers, fame and fortune may be found and lost in a matter of minutes in Logos.


Founded in the northern most tip of the continent during the early establishment of the scientific method, it served as a cradle for the ideal amongst early scientists fleeing dogmatic discrimination. Initially named Empiricia before the fall of the Imperium Rationalae and the Great Deal of Reconciliation, it took in many refugees over the years from more numinous lands and eventually renamed itself Logos.


Council of Logic: Logos is, officially, ruled by a cabal of 6 Philosopher Kings. Entrance into the Council of Logic is given to reward great work, rather like a nobel prize in our own; with one seat given to each field. The roster for membership shifts every four years as new prizes are awarded. Members of the council may not have direct affiliation with a party and must leave a party once joining the council but can have open sympathies. The Council does not write legislation but can veto it. The Council also holds emergency control powers that allow them to over ride Legislation with a large enough majority, as well as declare war and initiate international relationships, although typically, this done on recommendation of the Epistemic Council by whoever happens to be present as the others are off doing more important sciency things.

The Ethics Committee: The legal branch of the Logosian government. Spend more their time prosecuting those who break the laws of physics than of Logos. PCs who work as Police would likely find themselves working here.

The Epistemic Cabinet: Democratically Elected Leaders, do most of law writing, regulation and actual leading of Logos.


Working under the strict supervision of the Ethics Committee, the Departments work to apprehend and prevent breaches of physical laws. They are Divided into subcommitees based on their specialization, the Logosian Physics Department [LPD] is the largest, tracking and hunting down those who violate physical laws, followed by the Logosian Social Contract Enforcement Department [LSCED] which focuses more on assault and other interpersonal crimes. The Logosian Applied Biology Department [LABD], Logosian Cybernetics Department [LCD] and Logosian Applied Chemistry Department [LACD], among others are specialists called in to address more specific violations, though can typically be handled by the LPD if the situation calls for it..

International Relationships

Logos relies largely upon trade and foreign dependency on their technology to further their influence abroad. This puts them at odds with Ethos as the major world power which shuns Logosian technology. The two compete fiercely for influence and trade while avoiding open conflict. The animosity, however, is not as strong off the mainland with Logos is carrying out trade deals with Saraswati. Logos holds a great deal of influence over the northern Domains, to the point where most consider them a part of Logos in all but name. While members of Pathos are still wary of their influence, they still welcome trade. Even Tian accepts limited amounts of trade. They are currently engaged in open hostilities with socialist rebels to the south.



Other Notable Locations

Valley of Knowledge
Marx's Square- Seceded.


Logos is a nation build on progress and it shows. The question of politics is how to best advance, daily things progress ever faster. Technology keeps the edge for days before being surpassed by a new model. The culture is playing a desperate game of catch up with technology, a great deal putting all their time and effort in keeping up with the new releases. With only a disenfranchised few left asking about those left behind.

This has created a strict dichotomy between the haves and the have-nots, on one side, the workaholics addicted to caffeine and internet serving as corporate drones in order to get their fixes with their transactions, the only order they hold sacred, kept by the Department on the other side lies tech pirates, infosocialists and black-market dealers scrapping their lives out in the criminal underground dodging the Depts to make their daily cut.


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