CRE: 1
CHA: 2
CON: 2

HP: 20
Level: 2


CRE: 1
CHA: 1
CON: 4

HP: 30
Level: 3


CRE: 0
CHA: 0
CON: 6

HP: 50
Level: 4

Even ideas die. The passing of time often forces Philosophers to adapt or begin to fade away. These philosophers, however, refuse to simply fade away. In fact they actively fight against the passage of time in an attempt to stay relevant.
They have slowly fossilized, becoming more rocklike than human. As they transform, they slowly forget most of their old life and ideas; becoming obsessed with their singular desire to become relevant by stamping out technology.


Commonly found in the wilderness and ruins of ancient civilizations. The oldest Luddites, Troglodytes are ancient creatures, almost blended in with the land itself, appear at first glance to be merely rock, moss and tree, distinguishable only when they move which, they rarely do save in the most dire times. Luddytes and Neo-Luddites show traces of their transformation as well, but [Neo-Luddites at least] still appear mostly human. They are sometimes willing to co-operate with those who follow more ancient philosophies and abide by slightly more dated standards, those still capable of speech will often refuse to communicate in anything save dead languages. They are immediately hostile towards for progress minded philosophers and technology [which, depending on the age of the Luddite may vary from computers to wheels].



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